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PROJECT: Redshift - Naturally Aspirated

Saskatchewan's Fastest All Motor Honda (2003/2004/2005)
Saskatchewan's Fastest Honda (2003/2005)

Chassis: 1997 Honda Del Sol Vtec 
Engine: 1956 cc inline 4 DOHC Vtec Motor - B Series Hybrid 
Horse Power: ~210 whp @ 8500 RPM (250+ crank bhp) 
Torque: ~150 ftlb @ 6500 (174 crank ftlb) 
Compression: ~12.5:1 
Stroke: 87.2mm 
Bore: 84.5mm 


Block: B18C1 with Golden Eagle wet sleeves
Head: B16A3 (1997 Del Sol Vtec) 
Camshafts: Skunk2 Stage 2 Camshafts 
Valve Train: REV valves, Skunk2 valve springs springs, Crower titanium retainers, & generic cam gears
Crank: GSR
Rods: Forged Eagle 
Pistons: Forged Endyn Roller Wave
Intake: Custom cold air box, AEBS IM, Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket, & Spoon TB
Exhaust: JDM 4-1 (2.5? collector), 2.5" cat, & 2.5? twin loop exhaust 
Transmission: B16A (1997 Del Sol Vtec), CTR LSD, & LS 5th gear 
Clutch: Clutch Masters Stage III
Suspension: Neuspeed sport springs, Tokico Illuminuna Shocks, skunk2 upper control arms, front & rear strut tower bar,
            front and rear tie bars, ITR rear sway bar, & custom radius arms traction bars
Computer: Uberdata P28 (custom maps)
Fuel: 450 cc injectors (DSM) and Walbro Fuel Pump
Misc: JDM ITR radiator & Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
Brakes: ITR front calipers, stock rear calipers, 11" front and rear rotors, goodridge ss lines, and Axxis Ultimate Pads.

 Performance (Sept 2005)

Slicks: 13.768 @ 97.939   1.996s 69ft   (22x8x15 MT ET DRAGS) - launched @ ~ 5000 rpm
Air Density: ~2128ft (at time of run)
Track Altitude: 1600ft    
Race Weight: ~2670 (with driver)
Weight Savings: Removed spare tire, jack, passenger seat, & sub box.

 Performance (Sept 2004)

Street: 14.007 @ 97.820 Mph   2.149s 60ft   (225-50-15 BGD Drag Radial) ? launched @1200 rpm
Track Altitude: 1600ft
Best Mph: 99.397 Mph (14.064@99.397 - 2.172 60 ft) 
Race Weight: ~2700 (with driver)
Weight Savings: Removed spare tire and jack.


2005 Draggins Car Show - 1st Place Sport Compact - Performance Category
2004 Best Engineered Sport Compact (SIR)
Member of the Perfect Light Club (SIR - May 2005)